2020 Theme:  “MAGNIFY CHRIST”  “… with all boldness, now as always, Christ will be magnified in my body, whether by life or by death…” (Philippians 1:20)

1-5-20  20/20 For 2020 – Magnify Christ!  (Mark Littleton) 

1-12-20  Magnify Christ… Through Gathered Worship  (Mark Littleton) 

1-19-20 AM  Magnify Christ… Through Generous Giving  (Mark Littleton) 

1-19-20 PM  OVERFLOW:  Magnify Christ… Through Generous Giving Con’t (Mark Littleton) 

1-26-20 AM CLASS  Widowhood Workshop:  Praise The Lord – No Matter What  (Dean Miller) 

1-26-20 AM  Widowhood Workshop:  What To Do When We Are Overwhelmed  (Dean Miller) 

1-26-20 PM  OVERFLOW:  What To Say – And Not To Say – When Someone Dies  (Mark Littleton) 

2-2-20 PM  OVERFLOW:  True Security  (Mark Littleton) 

2-9-20 AM  Philippians Series – Priority Mail From Paul’s Pen  (Mark Littleton) 

2-16-20 AM  Philippians Series – An Attitude Of Gratitude  (Mark Littleton) 

2-23-20 AM  Philippians Series – Building A Life For God’s Glory  (Mark Littleton) 

2-23-20 PM  OVERFLOW (Lesson begins at 4:56)  (Mark Littleton) 

3-1-20 AM  Philippians Series – Christ In Your Crisis  (Mark Littleton) 

3-8-20 AM  Philippians Series – Matters Of Life & Death  (Mark Littleton) 

3-22-20 AM  Philippians Series – When Christians Suffer  (Mark Littleton) 

3-29-20 AM Philippians Series – How To Get Along With (Almost) Anybody  (Mark Littleton) 

4-5-20 AM  Philippians Series – The Mindset Of Jesus Christ  (Mark Littleton) 

4-12-20 AM  Resurrection Hope  (Mark Littleton) 

4-19-20 AM  Philippians Series – Working Out Your Salvation  (Mark Littleton) 

4-26-20 AM  Philippians Series – The Heart of a Servant  (Mark Littleton) 

5-3-20 AM  Philippians Series – What Matters Most  (Mark Littleton) 

5-10-20 AM  Philippians Series – Sharpening Your Focus  (Mark Littleton) 

5-17-20 AM  Philippians Series – Is Heaven On Your Mind?  (Mark Littleton) 

5-24-20 AM  Philippians Series – Overcoming Your Biggest Worries  (Mark Littleton) 

5-31-20 AM  Philippians Series – Through Christ, You Can  (Mark Littleton) 

6-7-20 AM  What Do We Do About Matters That Don’t Ultimately Matter?  (Mark Littleton) 

6-14-20 AM  Psalms Series – Grace For Pressure: God Is Beside You  (Mark Littleton) 

6-21-20 AM  Psalms Series – Grace For Pressure: God Is Beside You #2  (Mark Littleton) 

6-28-20 AM  Psalms Series – Grace For Anxiety: God Goes Before You  (Mark Littleton) 

7-5-20 AM  Psalms Series – Grace For Weariness: God Is All Around You  (Mark Littleton) 

7-19-20 AM  Elder Share  (Robby Nesbitt & Steve Cartwright) 

7-26-20 AM  Psalms Series – Grace For Loneliness  (Mark Littleton) 

8-2-20 AM  Psalms Series – Grace For Busyness  (Mark Littleton)