2019 Theme:  “ATTENTIVE!”  “And the ears of all the people were attentive to the Book of the Law.” (Nehemiah 8:3b)

1-6-19  Attentive: A Year To Hear  (Mark Littleton) 

1-13-19  Attentive: God’s Hearing Test  (Mark Littleton) 

1-20-19  Understanding Myself  (Tracy Moore) 

1-20-19  Understanding My Spouse  (Tracy Moore) 

1-27-19  A Vertical View Of Success  (Mark Littleton)  (Sermon begins at 28:20) 

2-3-19  “Difference Maker” Series – It Starts With One Person Who Cares  (Mark Littleton) 

2-10-19  “Difference Maker” Series – When God Opens A Door  (Mark Littleton) 

2-17-19  “Difference Maker” Series – Dare To Dream Again!  (Mark Littleton) 

2-24-19  “Difference Maker” Series – Wall To Wall Workers  (Mark Littleton) 

3-3-19  “Difference Maker” Series – Defeating Discouragement  (Mark Littleton) 

3-10-19  “Difference Maker” Series — How To Stall A Wall, From the Inside  (Mark Littleton) 

3-17-19  “Difference Maker” Series — Leadership Has Its Privileges  (Mark Littleton) 

3-31-19  “Difference Maker” Series – Don’t Let Satan Take You Out!  (Mark Littleton) 

4-7-19  A Famine In The Land (Michael Whitworth) 

4-14-19  Six Hours That Shook Eternity  (Mark Littleton) 

4-21-19  How To Have Real Hope  (Mark Littleton) 

4-28-19  God, In Search Of A Man  (Mark Littleton) 

5-5-19  “Difference Maker” Series – Recipe For Revival  (Mark Littleton) 

5-19-19  “Difference Maker” Series – The Blessing of Brokenness  (Mark Littleton) 

5-26-19  “Difference Maker” Series – Put It In Writing  (Mark Littleton) 

6-2-19  “Difference Maker” Series – Serving In The Shadows  (Mark Littleton) 

6-9-19  “Difference Maker” Series – A Good Time Was Had By All  (Mark Littleton) 

6-16-19  “Difference Maker” Series – Revival In Need Of Renewal  (Mark Littleton) 

6-23-19  Communion  (Travis Irwin) 

6-30-19  Attentive To Bible S.T.U.D.Y.  (Mark Littleton) 

7-7-19  Attentive To Patience  (Mark Littleton)  (Sermon begins at 25:35) 

7-14-19  Report on Mission Trip to Athens, Greece  (Tim Gunnells)  (Sermon begins at 31:10)

7-21-19  When Prayer Seems Pointless  (Mark Littleton) 

7-28-19  VBS Recap & Lessons  (Mark Littleton) 

8-4-19  How To Handle Temptation  (Mark Littleton) 

8-11-19  You Don’t Have To Sin!  (Mark Littleton) 

8-18-19  Biblical Faith (Michael Whitworth) 

8-25-19  “Hear!” Series – What To Do When The Glow Is Gone  (Mark Littleton) 

9-1-19  “Hear!” Series — How To Persevere Under Pressure  (Mark Littleton) 

9-8-19  “Hear!” Series — When Compromise Is Bad  (Mark Littleton) 

9-15-19  “Friends & Family Sunday” – God’s Cure For Discouragement (Mark Littleton) 

9-22-19  “Hear!” Series – When Tolerance Shouldn’t Be Tolerated  (Mark Littleton) 

9-29-19  “Hear!” Series – Reputation Or Reality?  (Mark Littleton) 

10-6-19  “Hear!” Series – A Picture Of Faithfulness  (Mark Littleton) 

10-13-19  Hear!” Series – When A Church Makes Jesus Sick  (Mark Littleton) 

10-20-19  Most Needed, Most Unheeded  (Travis Irwin) 

10-27-19  “Feeling Factor” Series – Depression  (Mark Littleton) 

11-3-19  “Feeling Factor” Series – Your Life Is Worth Living!  (Mark Littleton) 

11-10-19  “Feeling Factor” Series – Anxiety  (Mark Littleton) 

11-17-19  “Feeling Factor” Series – Anger  (Mark Littleton) 

11-24-19  “Feeling Factor” Series – Envy  (Mark Littleton) 

12-1-19  “Feeling Factor” Series – Shame  (Mark Littleton)