Family/Youth Minister Search


The Athens Church of Christ seeks a full-time Family and Youth Life Minister (FYM). This full-time, immediately available, ministry position provides an opportunity to join a healthy, active, rooted church family (190 to 200 average attendance prior to impact of the pandemic) and “hit the ground running” with a united eldership, deacons, ministry leaders and involved parents who are interested in sharing the gospel to our southeast Tennessee community.  

The primary responsibility of the FYM is to oversee the family and youth ministries—serving families with children ages birth (nursery) to 18 (12th grade). We currently have a three-tier structure in place: (1) birth to pre-K (2) K to 5th grade and (3) 6th to 12th. The expectation would be that the FYM partner with lead parents for children ages birth to 5th grade, and his primary focus will be on youth in the 6th to 12th grades age range (middle school to high school). The eldership desires that the FYM promote a ministry philosophy that is family-based, both in the sense that the importance of the physical families of the youth are emphasized—to equip parents to work on building faith in and discipling their children at home; along with fostering an inter-generational approach encouraging mature Christians to teach and mentor younger members. 

The FYM is expected to be a leader and to provide the guidance necessary to get the best results from the program. He will coordinate ministry planning and facilitation with ministry leaders, deacons, parents, and adult volunteers and keep the elders advised. His life must be a model that demonstrates he is a faithful Christian, husband, and father (if applicable). 

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Family/Youth Minister Search